Peer Review Process

The process of accepting articles

Articles submitted by respected authors are first reviewed by the editor of the journal (one day to one week)

If the principles of writing scientific journals are observed, the article will be sent for the similarity check.

 If the article is approved by the editor, according to the result of identifying the article, 2 to 3 reviewers (30 days) will be sent for review.

 After submitting the article to the reviewers, the preliminary result will be announced to the authors. (Partial or general review)

Authors whose articles are to be reviewed must make the necessary corrections and submit a revised version of the article within 15 days. If the amendments are approved by the reviewers and the editorial board, initial acceptance will be issued to the authors.

At this stage, the authors fill out the commitment form and the conflict form and send them to the journal office.

Magazine printing steps

Accepted articles are categorized and placed in the spring, summer, or autumn and winter issues.

For scientific and literary editing submissions, authors may also be asked to make minor changes to the article at this stage.

After the editing problems are fixed, the files are sent for page layout.

Flow diagram of the article acceptance process